Logitech G510 LCD applications

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Logitech G510 LCD applications

Unread postby [PSI]Darfyddi » 14 Apr, 14:11

Dear friends, I recently bought a Logitech G510 due to a 50% discount from Logitech after my G11 wouldn’t turn the lights off (hardly a fault so kudos to Logitech).
I have seen some applications for the LCD screen through you-tube but can’t find out where to get any from and more importantly I can’t see if anyone has made any for CoD4 (to display health, ammo, grenades, time left etc.).
The only thing I can do is assign the G keys, record macros and change the backlight colour.
The Logitech website instructions for making y own do not match anything I have in my folders. There is a G15 applet forum but I can’t register as I am unable to read the image verification thing they use no matter how many times I refresh it – I struggle with Captcha verification but can always use the sound on them but the G15 site uses some cheaper version :(
Can anyone please help me with the LCD applications or even tell me how to go about starting to make my own?
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Logitech G510 LCD applications

Unread postby abnodo » 05 Dec, 00:30

Has anybody here owned both? Im considering purchasing a 22" widescreen LCD monitor to replace my 19" standard LCD. Is it a worthwhile upgrade? How do they compare to one another with browsing, applications, gaming, and so on?
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